Following is the log of the Voyage of the Ocean Dance.  The log will be posted in reverse chronological order with the latest entry on top.  To read from the beginning of the log, please scroll to the bottom for the first entry and read up. 

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Cruise on the Chespeake

October 16 - October 21, 2010

Location: Cambridge, Maryland

The voyage of the Ocean Dance continued as we welcomed aboard the Admiral; Rick and Susan Bowers, KC, MO; Cindy Green, Lenexa, MO; and Carol Ruggiero, Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Carol Ruggiero, Cindy Green, Rick Bowers, Susan Bowers, Skipper and the Admiral

The crew all met at the BWI airport where the Captain's car had been dropped off the day before by Andy and Sharon of the motor vessel Finally Fun. All piled into the car along with their minimal luggage - really, it was minimal with the exception of Carol who we thought was packed for a three week trip to Europe rather than a long weekend on the Ocean Dance!

Stopping at Kay's Restaurant at the Cambridge International Airport, Tire Center and Hair Care Salon in Cambridge before arriving at the Ocean Dance, all enjoyed the best airport food in the country. Kay's is renowned as the BEST restaurant in Cambridge and believe me better meals cannot be found in Cambridge! The crew was rather nervous prior to dining at Kay's as all the Captain would say was they were in for a meal at the local airport... The crew was amazed at the meal and soon they were on their way to the Ocean Dance docked at the Cambridge Municipal Yacht Haven.

Once at the boat, all crew members claimed their respective cabins and soon the crew had settled in for relaxing night at the dock before departing for St Michaels, Maryland the next morning.

Relaxing on-board the Ocean Dance

Prior to departing the marina the next morning, the Captain appointed Rick and Cindy to the enviable task of performing holding tank duty. They initially balked at this assignment but soon relented when they learned they only had to hand the vacuum hose to the Captain on deck who would perform the task at hand. Withing minutes the holding tank was empty and the Ocean Dance pulled away from the dock and headed out into the Choptank River for the voyage into the Chesapeake and onto St Michaels.

Skipjack sailing at St Michaels

After a beautiful 5 hour cruise up the Chesapeake and into the river leading to St Michaels, the Ocean Dance dropped her anchor in a fantastic anchorage just outside the harbor entrance around 2:00pm on Friday afternoon. We were amazed as we were the only boat in the anchorage, but that soon changed later in the day as approximately two dozen other boats soon joined us in the anchorage. It appeared these newcomers to the anchorage were here for the weekend as the summer is coming to an end and local boaters were looking to take advantage of every warm day remaining on the Chesapeake.

Rick and Susan aboard the Ocean Dance at sunset in St Michaels

The Ocean Dance and her crew spent a very enjoyable two nights at anchorage at St Michaels. This local favorite of many residents of the Eastern Shore of Maryland is an incredible place to visit and the crew took full advantage of the sightseeing, shopping and restaurants of St Michael. Rick was even "treated" to a large glass of water with lemon which he requested at the Chesapeake Crab and Steakhouse during a lunch we had there. It seems the waitress, who was most likely the character of the Bay, took offense to Rick's repeated requests for water and served him what she thought was appropriate (see photo below).

Rick enjoys his "big boy drink"

Departing St Michaels on Sunday morning, the Ocean Dance set course for Oxnard, Maryland where plans had been made to anchor outside the harbor for a night or two. However, upon arriving at the anchorage we discovered the anchor would not deploy as the windlass was somehow damaged when we pulled the anchor up at St Michals. No worries as the Captain pulled the Ocean Dance into a slip at the Oxnard Boat Yard where the windlass would be worked on the next morning.

Not to be deterred by the windlass problem, the crew headed off to Schooner's Restaurant located on the other side of the Oxnard Boat Yard for lunch. This crew loves to EAT, well they love to eat when food is available to them. Somehome the Admiral's menu plan for the long weekend was thrown out the window the first day and her plan of three meals a day plus snacks soon turned into a two meals a day and maybe a snack. None of the crew members complained however as the meals aboard and ashore were fantastic! No one lost weight on this cruise...

The crew is off on an adventure on the tender

The Ocean Dance remained on the dock at the Oxnard Ship Yard all day Monday and Monday night. Sometimes repairs on a boat just seem to take a bit longer than planned. As the Admiral says, "a one hour boat repair will always take at least five hours at a minimum"! She is an amazing prophet!

The crew spent a relaxing day aboard the Ocean Dance reading, telling stories, solving all the problems with the real estate industry and just enjoying the time aboard the Ocean Dance at the dock.

Tuesday morning arrived with the Ocean Dance still tied to the dock in Oxnard. Parts had to be ordered and delivered to complete the windlass repair and they did not arrive until late Tuesday morning. As all members of the crew with the exception of the Captain had plane reservations departing Baltimore Washington International Airport later in the afternoon, the decision was made to call Captain Andy of the Finally Fun to and request he serve as the taxi to deliver the crew to the airport. Andy arrived at noon and collected his fee for the taxi service - a double dip ice cream cone from the Highlands Creamery, a Scottish ice cream maker who is reputed to serve the BEST ice cream in the state of Maryland. And it is true, the ice cream is the best.

All too soon the crew arrived at the BWI airport, goodbyes were said and all headed off to their respective gates. The cruise was too, too short and all promised to rejoin the Ocean Dance at some time in the near future for a longer period of time.